Everyone likes attractive frozen yogurt kiosks. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies are popular among poeple, especially in the Summer. It’s a great idea to start a business and order frozen yogurt kiosks for business. So you can custom the frozen yogurt kiosk at first. Today, I want to share a unique frozen yogurt booth with you.

frozen yogurt kiosk

 Introduction of frozen yogurt kiosk

This frozen yogurt kiosk size is 4m by 2m, and it includes a frozen yogurt machine, freezer, cashier counter, water sink counters, etc. We can also reserve space for necessary machinery for business. Before custom frozen yogurt and ice cream kiosks, merchants can choose colors, layouts, and materials. This kiosk color is white and wooden with green decorations, vividly expressing your brand and shop theme to the clients. We can customize the color that matches your brand.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Smoothie kiosk layout

This smoothie kisok includes two parts, a service table, and a working table. As shown in the design, we can see three frozen yogurt makers at the front desk and a refrigerator near it. Merchants can make roll-up ice cream and fried yogurt and send them to consumers immediately. On the front of the counter are three posters, stimulating people’s desire to buy. The right-hand return has a reception counter with a cashier register.

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smoothie kiosk

The back side is mainly red color decoration, and it has space for a beverage machine. We can also set a stainless steel water sink near the side table, so the rest area is counters with lock cabinets. In the middle is a tall brand logo stand to separate the display and a working counter. Everyone loves attractive and modern frozen yogurt kiosks for business. Whenever you want to customize a food kiosk, contact us for more information.