Are you looking for a crepe kiosk in the mall? First of all, we usually like to buy some snacks in the shopping mall to taste. Especially in recent years more and more people like sushi the most popular food that has been in the top three food categories. Proving that sushi is now a great opportunity, it is necessary to open a sushi restaurant. If you like the design of this sushi restaurant, please come with us to learn more details.

sushi kiosk

Crepe kiosk layout

The layout of this sushi kiosk is very appropriate, it is divided into two areas, one is the food preparation area and the other is the guest tasting area. In the preparation area, we designed freezers, refrigeration machines, waffles, pancake areas, and sushi-making areas. There would be a glass partition in the preparation area so that our ingredients would not contaminated. Tables and chairs will be placed in the guest tasting area, depending on the size of your store. View fast food kiosk

sushi kiosk Sushi kiosk Detail

In addition, you can see the pattern on the outside of this sushi kiosk is very delicate, just like our sushi is a delicate piece of exquisite. On the front side, you can design your logo and poster display, to promote the products you sell. Neatly placed tables and chairs, equipment, and clean and tidy utensils will be the first choice of customers. We will design a cash register display on the front, and the display cases inside will be lockers with doors so that you can store your materials or appliances inside the cabinets.

sushi kiosk Customize and service

We’re a custom factory, we’ve made fast food kiosks, and we usually work with companies. We can do a new design for you so that your requirements, logo, equipment, cabinets, and bar display can be incorporated into the design. The color of the display case can also be customized. If you are interested in our sushi booth, please communicate with us, and we will give you a satisfactory and suitable scheme to make this booth according to your requirements.

sushi kiosk

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