Festivals are special moments for people to celebrate, commemorate, and express emotions, and sending flowers as a classic and beautiful way can add warmth, romance, and joy to these moments. In addition, no matter what festival it is, people like to go shopping. Therefore, opening a flower retail kiosk in a shopping mall is a good idea. The flower kiosk I introduced today is very suitable.

Overall shape

The shape of this flower kiosk is a work of art in itself. From a distance, they bear a resemblance to a majestic mountain. On both sides of the displays, we ingeniously employ the terraces for the purpose of showcasing your potted plants or flower products. Furthermore, we can see that the kiosk has several empty spaces inside, which we can utilize for display or exhibition. And you look down from the top, you will notice that the entire shape takes on a spiral style. This spiral configuration appears incredibly exquisite and captivating.

flower kiosk

It features clean lines and a sleek silhouette, giving it a modern and elegant appeal. The pure white color adds a touch of purity and simplicity, allowing the vibrant colors of the flowers to pop against the backdrop. It has curves and contours that not only enhance its aesthetic but also make it stand out in any setting.

Functional layout

The layout of the kiosk is a well-orchestrated symphony of functionality and visual appeal. Surrounding the central display, multiple tiers of shelves are strategically placed. These shelves are of varying heights and depths, accommodating different types and sizes of plants and flowers. Some shelves might be angled slightly to offer a better view of the blossoms, while others are deeper to hold larger potted plants. The bottom of the kiosk is designed with wheels. It allows the kiosk easy to mobility.

flower display rack

The shape and layout of the pure white flower kiosk work in harmony to create a captivating display that showcases the beauty of nature’s creations. It serves as more than just a display rack. It’s a platform that brings the joy and charm of flowers to the forefront, inviting people to immerse themselves in the world of floral beauty.