It’s a great idea to open a nice perfume kiosk in the shopping mall. Good smell leaves people with a deep impression, people love to use different perfumes and suits for different occasions. Perfumes have a large market, businesses can have a great business with perfume kiosks. Choosing a nice perfume kiosk is a good option to start a business. Here is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you.

open kiosk

Description of perfume kiosk

The perfume kiosk color is white and golden, looks very attractive, and high level the perfume shop theme. Size is about 3.5m by 3.5m. Includes display counters, cashier counter, and brand sign. It’s good for promoting business and expressing all kinds of perfumes for clients. This perfume kiosk looks like a retail shop and includes an entrance cabinet, center display, and side counters.

perfume counter

We can see in the design there is a long display counter with 3 stairs on the countertop. The counter body has the brand logo and signage to help people remember and leave a deep impression. The bottom area has a lock cabinet for storage. Besides, the cashier counter is set in the middle counter on the opposite side. Which helps people to check bills.

perfume booth

The shop center area has individual tables and stands. It is good to show more perfumes for clients to purchase. We can also add frames to hang lightbox paintings so that poeple can view your logo from far away. Learn more about open kiosk

perfume cabinet

The primary material is MDF with baking paint finishes. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, and even LED light lamps. There is a black floor for the overall perfume kiosk. It not only gives the perfume booth a uniform effect but also reminds people to enter your shop. Whenever you need a perfume kiosk, contact us and get more options.

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