Introducing the Purple and White Color Beverage Counter Bubble Tea Kiosk! This eye-catching kiosk is the perfect addition to any food shop looking to offer a variety of beverages and desserts to its customers. Today, I want to share a nice beverage kiosk sharing with you.

Beverage counter

Introduction of beverage kiosk design

The color scheme of cream with purple accents creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for customers. The water drop-shaped decorations on the counter surface add a fun and playful touch to the overall design. Not only is this kiosk visually appealing, but it is also versatile in terms of what it can offer. From bubble tea to smoothies, frozen yogurt, and desserts, the possibilities are endless.

Beverage booth

Measuring 6m by 3m, this bubble tea kiosk is the ideal size for a service counter in a food shop. The front of the kiosk features a reception counter and a glass showcase at the entrance, drawing customers in and making them eager to see what’s inside. On the right-hand side, there is a long display cabinet with multiple layers, perfect for showcasing a variety of desserts for customers to purchase. The back wall of the kiosk is lined with display shelving, providing even more space to showcase items for sale.

Beverage cabinet

One of the standout features of this bubble tea kiosk is the brand logo prominently displayed on the top ceiling. It adds a professional touch to the kiosk and serves as a form of advertising. Helping to increase brand awareness among customers.

Overall, the Purple and White Color Beverage Counter Bubble Tea Kiosk is a must-have for any food shop looking to expand its offerings and attract new customers. It’s stylish design, versatile capabilities, and strategic layout. Besides, this kiosk is sure to be a hit with both customers and business owners alike.