Skincare kisok and cosmetic kiosks are seen everywhere in the shopping mall. It’s good to show cosmetic sets to clients, and a good way to promote your business. Today, I want to share a nice skin care kiosk with you. You can use it in the shopping mall, beauty salon shop, and even showroom. Hope it will give you better ideas when making your shop design.

Skin care kiosk

Introduction of skin care kiosk

This skin care kiosk suits an area of 4m by 3m and includes a style display counter, a see-through display stand, and an advertising area viewed as a window display. It looks very fantastic and leaves a deep impression on clients. We can see the primary color is purple with white and black color. The black stainless steel increases the metal texture. It vividly expresses the products’ additional value to consumers.

Cosmetic kiosk design

We can see on the front counter, that there is a reception cashier counter in the middle with brand signage. Staff can serve clients and help with checking bills. Both sides have display shelving with LED light lamps. People can place skin care product sets there. The top has an inverted arch light strip decoration that illuminates the purple background and makes the entire kiosk look better. View details about the makeup kiosk

Cosmetic counter

The side counter has a curved slop, which creates a design sense. There are strips on the counter body with LED light decoration. Besides, the brand logo is set here to remind people to notice and remember your business well.

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Retail kiosk

Moreover, there are different levels of round light box posters with black tube support behind individual display stands near the entrance. It’s good to help people learn and view items well. Another side has a tower display with glass shelving. People can easily take away products when pass by. Which helps improve sales volume.

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