It’s a great option to open an optical booth to earn money. Merchants can sell both glasses and sunglasses directly. Everyone loves a unique and special kiosk-style, it makes the shop outstanding and can express your business to clients well. Today, I want to share a nice sunglasses kiosk with you.

glasses kiosk

Red sunglasses kiosk for sale

The sunglasses kiosk is in red, very attracts the eyes’ attention, and people can notice your shop at first eyesight. It has a unique shape and looks very brilliant. The materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, and 8mm tempered glass showcases to show the products in a better way.

optical kiosk

We can see the front counter has a curved counter with a glass showcase on the top. It has 2 layers to place more glasses uniquely. Near it is a reception counter with posters on the surface. While the two ends have taller display stands with both glass shelving and posters. It reminds poeple of your business and helps increase purchases when they pass by.

sunglasses booth

There is a curved counter on the other side with both a glass showcase and a storage cabinet. It makes full use of space and can better present items better. In the middle of the sunglasses kiosk is an individual counter, we can put a cashier register for checking bills.

eyeglasses kiosk

It’s necessary to find a professional desing team and manufacturing team before starting. A beautiful design and good quality sunglasses kiosk help promiting business and enhance the brand theme. No matter if you want how unique sunglasses kiosks, you can find a good solution here. Contact us for more unique designs.