Opening a sunglasses kiosk is a profitable idea. Sunglasses are popular among poeple, especially in hot Summer. Because it can help prevent sunshine when they climb the mountains and take a vacation. In addition, sunglasses are also a fashion trend. People like to choose unique eyewear styles to match their looks and express their personality. It’s a great idea to open a nice sunglasses kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a nice sunglasses kiosk, hoping to give you more ideas.

Description of the glasses kiosk

This glasses kiosk has display counters at the entrance, people can view and select eyeglasses frames. The top layer has grid panels to show glasses, which can uniquely place sunglasses. While the bottom has display shelving and lock cabinets for storage. Besides, the inside has both a display area and a work cabinet, so we can put necessary machines on the countertop for better usage. We can also attach posters facing to the public to remind poeple of your business. The top ceiling has metal tube support with white LED light surrounding it. The brand logo is attached here to remind poeple of your business.

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Material information

The primary material is MDF with baking paint finishes. It makes the overall sunglasses look good and can also enhance and brand theme. Besides, the metal frame at 4 sides supports the big ceiling. The spotlight insert to the ceiling to highlight the overall sunglasses kiosk. We can hang glass models to remind people of your business. Stainless steel kicks protect the overall kiosks so they can be used for a longer time.

If you or the mall manager have the required materials, just contact us in advance. Our designer team will help show material effects, colors, and all details in 3D design.

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