How do you think earn money with an espresso kiosk? If it’s your first time to open a business, this coffee bar counter is a good business idea. Merchants can use it in the shopping mall, exhibition booths, events, and even food court. It’s good to win clients and enhance the brand theme. Let’s view more coffee kiosk details.

Espresso kiosk

Introduction of espresso kiosk

It has brown wooden finishes and a touch of white color. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for clients. To add a pop of color, consider incorporating blue decorations throughout the kiosk. This will make your coffee shop visually appealing. It also helps create a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

coffee counter

The size of this espresso kiosk is small, measuring approximately 2 meters by 2 meters. We use the front counter as an order and pick-up area, which is very convenient to use and improves sales person’s efficiency. It’s a great idea to use the back counter as a work counter, so you can put the espresso machine here.

To make your coffee kiosk stand out from the competition, it is essential to create a strong brand presence. Display your brand logo prominently on the back wall and the top ceiling. It attracts people and reinforces your brand identity. Additionally, a well-designed menu should be displayed in these areas, showcasing the variety of coffee options available. This will help customers make informed decisions and encourage them to try new and exciting blends.

coffee stand

Material information

This coffee kiosk uses plywood as the primary material, surface is wooden laminate finishes. It looks very high-end and can also make your shop outstanding. A stainless steel kick protects the whole coffee kiosk and can make it last longer time. We can also put an acrylic logo, and light box painting in the proper area to remind people of your business.