How do you think earn money with an espresso kiosk? If it’s your first time to open a business, this coffee bar counter is a good business idea. Merchants can use it in the shopping mall, exhibition booths, events, and even food court. It’s good to win clients and enhance the brand theme. Let’s view more coffee kiosk details.

Espresso kiosk

Introduction of espresso kiosk

This unique concept is perfect for small locations, measuring approximately 2 meters by 2.2 meters. It’s easy to start and operate a coffee kiosk. The aesthetic appeal of this espresso kiosk is remarkable, combining a wooden finish with a sleek white color and a stylish acrylic logo. It features a reception counter that serves as a cashier register and a convenient lightbox menu to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions.

coffee counter

One of the standout features of this coffee bar counter is the back counter, which provides ample space for all the necessary equipment. It is designed to resemble a kitchen room. Complete with a storage cabinet to keep everything neatly organized.

To maximize exposure and attract more customers, advertising can be attached to the back side wall. The top ceiling also offers the perfect spot to showcase your brand logo. Ensuring effective advertising that grabs the attention of passersby. This Espresso Kiosk Coffee Bar Counter with Roof is the ideal small business venture for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for coffee.

coffee stand

Material information

This coffee kiosk uses plywood as the primary material, surface is wooden laminate finishes. It looks very high-end and can also make your shop outstanding. A stainless steel kick protects the whole coffee kiosk and can make it last longer time. We can also put an acrylic logo, and light box painting in the proper area to remind people of your business.