Do you like the attractive ice cream kiosk in the mall? It’s good to rent a mall booth for business because it needs a small area and less start-up capital. The most important thing is it can pay back soon. Today, I want to share a useful ice cream kiosk with you. It’s suitable for entrepreneurs or as a pilot for new projects. Let’s view more details together.

ice cream kiosk

Custom ice cream kiosk in Ireland

This ice cream kiosk is suitable for selling ice cream and offering waffles, crepes, coffee, and juice. It features a big workbench behind the counter to accommodate necessary machines. The front counter includes an ice cream machine with a variety of creamy and refreshing flavors for customers to choose from. While the cashier counter allows for easy bill payment.

To add a touch of professionalism to your business, the side of the kiosk includes a brand logo wall with a menu stand. This allows merchants to display their offerings and entice customers to take their orders. The back counter features a work counter with a water sink. As well as storage shelves in the bottom cabinet for easy organization of supplies.

ice cream counter

The frozen yogurt kiosk business idea is particularly attractive in Ireland. Where there is a well-established culture of indulging in desserts and treats. With its compact size, this type of kiosk can be strategically placed in high foot traffic areas. Ensuring a steady stream of customers.

Produce photos show

ice cream booth ice cream shop

The Irish have a well-established culture of indulging in desserts and treats. Making this business idea a surefire success. With its compact size, the dessert kiosk is set in high foot traffic areas. Such as parks, shopping centers, or tourist attractions.

Feedback from clients

We can see the natural looks from feedback photos. The owner likes our work and felt very happy.

ice cream cabinet

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