Generally speaking, opening a T-shirt kiosk is a very good business model. You may wonder how developed the Internet is now, and people like to go online to buy more cost-effective clothes. But in fact, it is not, which happens to be a good business opportunity, because people need to put on and touch the clothes and feel their quality. This is very necessary, this is the online can not give us real feelings. Today, I want to share a nice T-shirt kiosk with you

T-shirt kiosk design

As we can see the T-shirt kiosk has a slat wall to hang and show items to clients. It’s mainly used in the shopping mall like a pop-up shop to gain more business. The renewal of each industry means the arrival of a new era. The appearance of the kiosk is also very important, which can bring us a certain marketing effect and publicity. The one below is a smaller T-shirt kiosk. It’s like a mobile kiosk where you can come out and sell your clothes and show your creations to guests.

t-shirt kiosk

Size: 3x2m

Color: Black or your favorite color

Materials: splint, aluminum groove plate

Base: stainless steel kicker

Other services: acrylic logo, poster, electronic advertising machine, layout, cabinet

t-shirt kiosk

Customized service

We are a custom factory and we have done many different T-shirt kiosk designs. If you are planning to open a T-shirt kiosk, you can contact us directly. We can provide you with different design schemes and styles and assist you in completing the review of the mall. View clothing kiosk design

Usually, a small design fee of 300 dollars is required for the design, so that you can get a new design of the T-shirt cabinet. Both the new design and the refurbished design are feasible, so we suggest that you start the design first, so that you can see the style you want as well as the design renderings and construction drawings.

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