Are you looking for a nice food court counter? Today, I want to share a special bar counter with you. The Metal Rivet Decoration Bar Counter with Wooden Table is a stunning addition to any establishment. It’s good to use in the shopping mall, wine shop, coffee store, and even food court. Let’s learn more information together.

bar counter

Description of bar counter

Measuring 2 meters long, this bar counter features metal rivet finishes that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. The metal tube toe kick connection ensures stability and durability. We can see this food court counter has double layers, the top layer of this bar counter is made of natural wooden material, providing a warm and inviting feel to customers. This wooden countertop is not only visually appealing but also practical, as it allows customers to easily pick up items such as drinks or snacks.

bar table

One unique feature of this bar counter is the side countertop, which is wider and can be used as a dining table. This provides customers with the option to enjoy their food and drinks in a comfortable and convenient setting. Whether it’s a quick bite or a leisurely meal, this side countertable is sure to enhance the dining experience. Check more details about the reception counter

The lower countertop of this coffee bar counter serves as a workbench with a water sink. This is perfect for establishments that require a water source for cleaning and preparing drinks or food. The addition of a water sink not only adds functionality but also saves space, as there is no need for a separate sink area.

diining table

Furthermore, this bar counter is equipped with a lock cabinet and open shelving at the bottom. This allows for ample storage space for items such as utensils, glasses, and bottles. The lock cabinet ensures the safety and security of valuable items, while the open shelving provides easy access to frequently used items. Contact us if you need further information.