Everyone loves to buy sunglasses at glass kiosks when going shopping. Sunglasses have a big market, nearly everyone has over 1 pair of sunglasses. So that they can choose different sunglasses that suit their outfit. It’s a great idea to open a nice glasses kiosk to earn money. No matter whether you want a high-end or simple kiosk-style, you will get a good option here. Now, I want to share a nice glasses kiosk with you.

Glasses Kiosk

Glasses booth structure

We can see this in the design picture, the sunglasses kiosk has multiple glass cabinets on 4 sides. Each cabinet has 2 layers with an LED light lamp. It highlights the products and can also better show glasses to clients. Besides, the glass cabinet has a locked cabinet behind, so only staff can reach out for the products. Which can keep the products safe even at off work time.

Glasses Kiosk

Tower display for Ads

We can see there are 2 tower display stands at the end of the diagonal. It’s a great place to show brand logos, posters, and products. Poeple can view your business and products when they pass by. This is a good way to promote brand concept, we can also use it as pop-up shops to test the market or express new invention products.

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There is an individual counter in the center of the glasses kiosk. They are back-to-back, allowing 2 people to work together. It makes full use of space. We can also add a cashier register to help with checking bills.

Glasses Kiosk

Material of the glasses kiosk

The primary colors are white and black, creating an upscale sunglasses shop theme. So we can use shiny glossy baking paint finishes to get a high-end kiosk effect. The 8mm tempered glass is very clear and can present the glasses with a good field of view. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic, and LED lamp. We can even use metal frame as decoration and support, which will makes the overall sunglasses kiosk look good.

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Glasses Kiosk

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