Crepe kiosks are very popular among poeple, they can order delicious crepes conveniently. It’s a great idea to open a crepe kiosk in the shopping center. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Tile and Green Color Crepe Kiosk.

This food kiosk is designed for larger spaces, measuring approximately 6m by 4m. The green color scheme and tile accents. Creates a welcoming and environmentally friendly atmosphere for customers. We can see there is brick wall decorations, highly catch eyes attention.

Crepe kiosk

Cashier Counter and Display Area

  • Cashier Counter: The cashier counter is strategically placed on the left-hand side. It’s easy for customers to make their payments. Moreover, they can also view additional items available for purchase.
  • Display Area: The spacious display area features a topping bar and equipment for customers to see the ingredients used in your delicious crepes. This setup allows customers to engage with your products and learn more about what sets you apart from the competition. Additionally, the brand logo is prominently on the counter body. So customers remember their positive experience clearly.

Crepe Making Area

Step into the crepe kiosk and be greeted by the enticing sight of the Crepe Making Area. As customers approach the side counter, they will find your crepe machines on full display, creating delicious crepes right before their eyes. The glass panel separating customers from the machines. People can observe the crepe-making process without interrupting the skilled work of your staff.

In the corner of the crepe counter, a vibrant display of colorful cups showcases the wide range of crepes and beverages. From sweet to savory, the menu has something for everyone’s taste buds. The inviting aroma of freshly made crepes fills the air. Enticing customers to place their orders and indulge in a delightful treat. View the waffle kiosk option

crepe booth

Kitchen and Work Area

In the kitchen area of the crepe kiosk, everything is strategically organized for maximum efficiency. From the neatly arranged workbenches to the essential equipment, every detail has been carefully thought out. The room divider adds an element of privacy. So staff can focus on creating mouthwatering crepes and beverages without distractions.

Heading towards the work area of the fast food kiosk, you will find a designated entrance with locked doors. Ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the kitchen. Moreover, the security measure provides peace of mind for both the employees and the customers. The work area is to prepare crepes and the drinks. Besides, with a layout for optimal workflow, the staff can easily move around and collaborate seamlessly.

Convenient Features

When it comes to running a successful crepe kiosk, convenience is key. A range of convenient features make serving up delicious crepes a breeze.

  1. Counter Space for Efficiency. One of the standout features of the crepe kiosk is the additional counters located in the middle of the kiosk. These counters provide ample space for your staff to prepare and serve crepes quickly and efficiently.
  2. Water Sinks for Hygiene. Hygiene is a top priority. The sink make it easy for our staff to wash their hands and utensils. Ensuring that every crepe is prepared in a clean and sanitary environment.
  3. Storage Cabinets for Organization. Organization is key when running a busy crepe kiosk. That’s why we have included storage cabinets in our design. These cabinets also provide ample space for ingredients, utensils, and supplies, keeping everything easy to reach.