Candy kiosks mainly sell a variety of sweet candies, lollipops, nuts, and even desserts. The candy kiosk is one of the most popular stalls in the mall. Today, I want to share a unique U-style candy kiosk with you. It is suitable for locations near the railing, against the wall, and even combination booths. Let’s view the kiosk effect and details below.

candy display

Description of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk has three side counters, leaving the back side empty for work. We can see there is an L shape counter on the left side. Clients can view and purchase candy here because there are multiple shelves with acrylic candy boxes. Besides, the back side has a working counter with lock cabinets. People can place equipment on the countertop. They can also use a water sink to wash their hands and clean the dessert kiosk.

candy kiosk

Near the water, the sink is a space for ice cream equipment. So the owner can order more food here. And the right side has an individual reception desk with the brand logo. It is convenient to use and won’t affect the display showcase area. You can add wheels at the bottom for easy movement, also viewing as the entrance of the kiosk.

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candy booth

Donut models decorate the candy donuts kiosk, which looks charming and attracts the eye’s attention. A large L-style roof at the top shows the brand name. That allows more people to view your shop and business.

Materials information

Most sweet candy kiosk material uses MDF to build the counter body, and the surface material is glossy baking paint. So people can get colorful, smooth, and brilliant candy booths. Other materials include acrylic logo, stainless steel toe kicking, light lamp, etc. We can also use your required materials to make the candy kiosk. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry now, please.