With the improvement of people’s daily lives, more and more people plan to start businesses with beverage kiosks in the mall. Whenever you plan to start a beverage kiosk, here is a nice design to share with you. We designed it for a UK customer, it meets the rent location size and is according to the owner’s requirements. Businessmen can use it to sell breakfast, cupcakes, beverages, fresh juice, etc. It’s also a great idea to set up fryers to make donuts.

juice kiosk

Description of fresh juice kiosk

This juice kiosk mainly uses green combined with red color, giving poeple a feeling that you sell fresh juice and products. Everyone loves healthier food and drinks. We can see the kiosk size is 3m long by 3m wide, suitable for shopping mall center location or market stall area. We can see the front counter has a cashier register to check bills. Next to it are glass display machines for display cakes, cupcakes, bread, and bakery.

juice showcase

There is frosted glass surrounding the food kiosk counter so that poeple won’t see and touch equipment. Besides, we can add a brand logo and light box painting on the counter. So it reminds poeple of your business and appeals to them to buy a cup of juice from you. Moreover, the lock cabinets and drawers are underneath the countertop. People can store more food and items for sale. The water sink is set near the entrance door to wash hands and keep the entire beverage kiosk clean.

drinks kiosk

Material details show

Primary material: MDF with baking paint surface.

Countertop material: White artificial stone countertop

Kick area: #304 stainless steel

Glass divider panel: Frosted tempered glass

Other materials: Acrylic logo, hardware accessories, etc.

We use high-level-grade materials to build the food kiosk. It is durable and strong and can be used for 5 years. No matter which style and decorations you want, we can add to your food kiosk.