Are you looking for an eye-catching candy kiosk? With the fast development of the food industry, people like colorful and portable kiosks to start businesses. It’s a great idea to choose a candy kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice candy kiosk sharing with you.

candy kiosk

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk looks like a retail candy store in the shopping mall. Because it has three entrances, people can shop inside the store. We can see an L-shaped wall cabinet on the front side, and it has different sizes of wall displays to show items. Each shelving has a light lamp to make the items outstanding. The brand logo attaches to the wall for advertising. Behind the cabinet is a working counter with a storage room. Besides, a cashier register is set here for checking bills.

sweet food kiosk

The side counter has a single wall cabinet with purple shelving, looks so fantastic and appealing. We can also set the logo behind to remind people of your business. A round column in the shop center vividly expresses lollipops and makes the candy and nuts kiosk look good. Besides, the back side has a double-sided display cabinet with acrylic bins, and it’s good to show all kinds of candy and nuts for clients to buy. The owner can also put items on the decoration bench. So children can reach them easily as well.

candy display showcase

Flooring and light

This candy shop design has lovely flooring decoration, is creative, and can make your shop stand out. We can also add flooring lights to make poeple notice you the first time. The flooring material is PCV with decorative stickers. The whole kiosk uses MDF with baking paint surface, and we can make it in unique styles and molding to gain more clients. If you have new ideas about candy kiosk decoration, we can make 3D designs for you.