Are you looking for tea kiosks for business? With the fast lifestyle development, green tea has become popular among poeple. Today, I want to share a special tea kiosk with you. It looks like a giant teapot and is good to use in outdoor malls, parks, and streets. Let’s view more details together.

tea kiosk

Description of tea kiosk

This tea kiosk is suitable for selling all kinds of tea, bubble tea, and smoothie and can also add a display showcase to sell cakes and bread. As we can see in the design, there is a giant teapot in the center and four tables with chairs on both sides for clients to sit down. The food booth location has walls to remind people of your shop and retro street lamp decoration, which looks very special and attractive.

tea kiosk

Outdoor catering trailer options

Introduction of teapot kiosk

The teapot kiosk’s primary color is cream, with sales windows on both sides, allowing poeple to order tea and food conveniently. Besides, the left side has an entrance door and teapot handle decoration. The opposite side has an upward-facing brown teapot spout shape decoration. And the roof looks like a teapot lid, and the ceiling light also attaches here to increase brightness. They make the beverage kiosk looks better. Customers will be impressed with your store.

tea kiosk

How to get an excellent bubble tea kiosk?

  • First, you need a professional kiosk manufacturer to help you make 3D designs. 3D design should meet your shop theme and reflect items and brand image. Find a professional design team in Mall-Kiosk and tell us your requirements.
  • Second, produce a tea kiosk at our workshop. Produce according to the confirmed tea kiosk design, and you will receive what you want. We will update have progress and details regularly.
  • Third, install the tea booth and pack it well for shipping. Our workers will assemble the kiosk and test it to ensure everything works well. Then will package it with foam and even wooden boxes. So you have to connect wires and put them in the location for business. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry.