Every people likes attractive ice cream kiosks because they will have a high-end shop theme and are convenient to use. It’s a great idea to open a frozen yogurt booth in the shopping mall. Merchants can purchase customize ice cream kiosks to start a business. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream kiosk sharing with you.

ice cream kiosk

Description of ice cream kiosk

The ice cream kiosk is oval style, it looks very attractive and luxurious. Size is 10ft by 7ft, and allows 1-2 people to work. It includes a display counter, work table, topping bar counter, and reception area. The ice cream kiosk has a roof, suitable to use both inside and outside malls. Merchants can also attach the brand logo on the roof to remind poeple of your shop. A unique ice cream booth is also a symbol of your company brand, people can remember your service well.

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ice cream kiosk

Materials of frozen yogurt kiosk

The material of the smoothie kiosk is fiberglass, which has a brilliant surface effect and is strong to use. The fiberglass ice cream kiosk is being made as a whole, we can also open a mold to build customized styles. We can add a lighting lamp on the top ceiling to make the shop stand out.

Produce time

We can view the whole ice cream kiosk effect in the product photos. That’s what clients can receive for business. We will also provide a completed construction drawing with details information. So that you can understand each part soon. If you have any questions, please kindly let me know.

ice cream counter