In recent years, poeple planning to open nuts kiosks to earn money. Before opening a nuts stall, rent a suitable location and measure the dimensions. Then choose a customized nuts booth to start. Today, I want to share the nuts kiosk design with you. It’s good to use in the shopping center, retail nuts store, candy shop, and grocery store. Let’s view the details now.

nuts display counter

Introduction of nuts kiosk

This nuts kiosk includes two parts, an individual room display with a glass showcase. And another is an L-shaped wall cabinet. We can add a slat wall display with the brand logo and lighting to decorate the kiosk. Using wood shelving with acrylic boxes and dispensers is also a great display idea. Materials include Plywood, black lamination, wood veneer, stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, etc. We can use high-quality materials to build the nuts kiosk.

nuts display

The size of the nuts display

It’s necessary to make the snack kiosk suitable for the location area. However, we will make individual counters for easy delivery and movement. So people should put them in the correct booth and connect wires between each cabinet. Usually, each cabinet is 1m to 1.2m long, and the glass counter height is about 0.9m tall. Below are the cabinet size references.

  • L shape wall cabinet size: 2600mm Long, 2700mm Wide, 350mm Deep, and 2000mm Tall
  • Small kiosk size: 1700mm Long, 1500cm Wide, and 2000mm Tall

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nuts kiosk

Produce photos show

There are slat wall display cabinets consisting of indoor kiosks. So people can hang packaged nuts for sale. We can also attach the brand logo on the top to remind people of your business when buying. Our team built the food kiosk step by step according to the technical drawing. If you have any ideas, contact us soon here.

nuts wallcabinet nuts display shelving