The coffee cart is a great idea to make money. Coffee is very popular among poeple because of its special taste. It can also help us get rid of tired. No matter whether you plan to open a coffee cart in the shopping mall or street, this coffee cart is a great choice. Today, I want to share a nice coffee stand sharing with you.

Coffee stand

Description of coffee cart

The coffee cart size is 1.6m long, 0.5m wide, and 2m tall. It has a horizontal circular decorative surface that looks attractive and levels the shop theme. The golden metal brand logo is attached to the countertop, so people will notice your business from a far distance. The back side has lockable cabinets and drawers, used to store items for sale. The top ceiling also has a brand sign with a brand logo. There is golden metal support on the ceiling, push handle, and bottom wheels convenient to move the food cart.

Coffee booth

We mainly use MDF to build the food kiosk body, surface treatment is glossy baking paint. Which makes people notice you at the first glance. The countertop uses stone, is durable, and has a strong loading bearing. Other materials include stainless steel, lighting, hardware, etc. No matter how unique a coffee cart you want. You can get a good option from us. You can even choose unique colors for the coffee cart.

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