The ice cream kiosk is suitable for selling roll ice cream, frozen yogurt, fried yogurt, and gelato. We can customize the ice cream kiosks to fit your business and allow 2-5 workers to work together. I want to introduce a lovely ice cream kiosk sharing with you, it uses in the Ireland mall, and the owner loves it very much.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

Customized ice cream and sweet kiosks must be made according to the locations. It has a large semi-circle counter at the back because it is close to the railing in line with the booth shape on site. Cashier counter sets here for better usage, round light box logo with metal support place to attract people.

ice cream counter

The front is a counter design with a sales window. Brand logo and lighting add on the top. We can see there are three ice cream machines with topping for work. Near it is a cashier counter with a register. The side has a window with a light menu and logo, showing your business to people well. In comparison, another side is the entrance door.

Ice cream shop designs

ice cream booth

Stickers attach patterns and logos to the counter surface, making your ice cream shop tone pink and white. That also makes your shop outstanding and leaves a deep impression on people. We use MDF with baking paint to build each counter. The countertop is artificial stone, the same as the coffee kiosk. There is a roller shutter window; you can close it and lock the cabinet doors well at night. Other materials include the hollow-out logo, light box logo, warm light, stainless steel, and hardware. View the product photos below.

ice cream shop ice cream cabinet

Natural assembly effect in the mall

Thanks to the support of our clients, we can see the overall effect after installation. I am sure it’s a happy cooperation from start to end. Installation is effortless, only put counters together and connect wires between them. No matter when you plan to start a business, contact us and get a good ice cream kiosk solution now!

ice cream counter roll ice cream kiosk