Are you looking for an attractive reception kiosk for business? The reception kiosk is at the entrance of the office and store, so the salespeople can serve every client soon. Here is a nice reception counter sharing with you. It’s good to install at the hotel, restaurant, and beauty salon shop. Let’s view more information together.

reception desk

Introduction of the reception kiosk

We can see the reception counter uses a brown wood color with warm light, which looks very attractive and can match the whole room’s decoration. It’s a popular style in Saudi Arabia, we can attach brand signage on the reception desk so that poeple can remember you well when checking in and checking out. The materials include plywood, wooden surface, stainless steel, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc.

reception counter

This reception kiosk has a glass showcase area and a working counter. We can show products so that poeple can buy them when checking in and checking out. That’s to increase the sales performance as we can see there are open cabinets and a glass showcase at the side. Each shelving of the indoor kiosk has a light lamp to express items to clients. 2 people can work together because it has 2 workbenches with computers and a lock cabinet area. The back wall is used as a brand logo image wall, we can also set glass cabinets near it to show more items.

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hotel front counter

How long to build the reception kiosk?

This reception kiosk is very large and looks like a retail booth. Produce time is about 28 working days. Our workers prepare the wooden panel materials first, then assemble them into the wood bodies. We will do surface treatment in the following step, and people can view the finish’s effect directly. Finally, we can install the cabinet, light, and glass shelving.