Phone and cell phone repair kiosks are popular among poeple. The phone repair kiosk mainly provides cell phone repair services, merchants can also sell mobile phones, phone cases, and accessories to earn more. You will find wonder kiosks from us whenever you plan to start with a retail cell phone repair shop or phone kiosk. Today, I want to share a nice cell phone repair kiosk with you.

Cell phone case kiosk

Wooden cell phone repair kiosk

This cell phone repair kiosk size is 3m by 2m, which suits a mall location in the shopping center. The primary colors are wooden and white, giving people a natural and creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere. It also high level the shop theme. Material includes Plywood, wooden veneer, laminate, stainless steel, LED light, etc. You can even tell us the mall specifications to remind people of your business. Click here to view the phone case kiosk

cell phone kiosk

There is a slope-style cabinet with glass shelving, it is good to show cell phone and phone accessories products for clients to purchase. While near it is an advertising stand and wooden counter. We can see the back counter uses a workbench with 2 two-layer countertops for better usage.

cell phone booth

Besides, the right-hand side has a reception counter with white translucent stone, which gives a technological feeling to the cell phone repair kiosk. A brand signage with a golden metal frame set near the counter. Which reminds people of your business and leaves them a deep impression. View more about cell phone kiosks

phone counter

Brand signage with backlit is very important. It does not only show your brand to clients well but also decorates the overall phone kiosk better. Remember to choose suitable brand logo material, it will highly match the shop theme and can also make your phone shop outstanding. If you want unique phone kiosks, contact us now.