This is a mobile phone kiosk, which is mainly used indoors. Because in modern life, we can’t live without mobile phones, we can find mobile phone kiosks and mobile phone shops everywhere. Therefore, in the midst of such intense competition, we need to have an eye-catching design that makes a good first impression.

cellphone kiosk 

From the front of the picture, you can see that the mobile phone cabinet has many lattices, which is the part used to display the mobile phone. Through these cells, we can classify mobile phones. At the same time, in order to more clearly see the appearance of mobile phones and attract the attention of customers, we choose toughened glass as the material for mobile phone display and install led lights in the display cabinet of mobile phones. Therefore, the cabinet looks very bright.

cellphone kiosk

Behind the kiosk, there is a wall with a poster about a mobile phone, which is a promotional sign for your shop. There is a display rack on either side of the wall.

This mobile phone cabinet has a roof, on the front and side of the roof, there are acrylic logos, which very easy to attract attention.


In order to make the cabinet look more beautiful, we usually install LED tubes inside the cabinet. There are many colors of Led tubes to choose from, mainly according to your cabinet style.


Other Information

Size: 3 x 2 meters

Color: White
Material: MDF and  baking paint
Design time: 2-3 days

Packing: pack in a wooden case.

Mode of transportation: We will choose the mode of transportation according to your requirements

Why choose us?

We started to design and produce cabinets in 2002, and have been up to 20 years, and have accumulated a lot of service experience. Many customers have praised and returned orders, which is enough to show that our production technology and service are satisfactory. In addition, we produce cabinets according to customer requirements to provide customized services, so our production of cabinets is unique. If necessary, please contact us, thank you.