With the technical going, mobile kiosks have become popular among people. It views a self-service kiosk that enhances guest experience and engagement. It’s a great idea to open a portable booth to sell ice cream cones and yogurt. Today, I want to share a nice frozen yogurt kiosk with you. Let’s view the details together.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Description of YOYO YOGURT kiosk

As we can see, this frozen yogurt kiosk includes three parts, a service mall counter, a yogurt machine part, and a topping counter. That allows people to purchase their favorite flavors because each piece has enough walking space. The primary color is white and green with purple decoration. Materials include MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic logo, stone countertop, and light box painting.

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mobile kiosk

Details of mobile kiosk

The service counter has a cashier counter, water sink counter, storage cabinet, and display showcase. People can pay the cashier here; the brand logo adds to the counter body to remind people of your business. All the corners are in a curved shape to avoid sharp angles. You can also add a light lamp to attract people’s attention.

In front of the ice cream service kiosk is an oval topping bar. There are square and round serving trays on the countertop where you can display your ingredients for guests to help themselves. We can also add lighting and posters on the cabinet body for advertising.

yogurt kiosk

On the side is a row of frozen yogurt equipment. There are operating instructions on the cabinet, and guests can follow the steps to get yogurt, which is very interesting. At the bottom of the machine is a colorful decoration with light, which looks vivid and attractive. Posters show delicious yogurt to attract people.