The reception kiosk and cashier counter are very important for every business. Whether you start a business with a retail shop or in the shopping mall, the reception desk can help you people better and collect payment. Today, I want to share a nice simple reception desk with you. Its white color can be used in nearly every shop and matches the products well.

Reception counter

Description of the reception desk

This reception desk size is about 1.2m long, and 0.6m wide, and the countertop height is about 1.2m. Usually, we will make a taller panel cover and surround the desk table. It hides the cashier register and is also convenient for clients to sign if needed. We can also add LED light to decorate the desk or add a brand logo at the front to remind people of your business.

Reception desk

Behind is a lockable drawer and cabinet, it’s good to restore items for usage. The computer host can also be placed here. If you have enough space, can also reserve leg space at the bottom, which is convenient for the staff when working.

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Cashier counter

The materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes, which have a brighter and smoother effect. A stainless steel kick protects the whole kiosk, increasing the sense of metal design. We can also add kicking light to attract the eyes’ attention. It will leave a deep impression on clients, they can also find you direclty.

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