What do you think about opening a sunglasses kiosk in the shopping mall? The sunglasses kiosk is suitable for displaying eyeglass frames and promoting the company’s image. Here is a high-end sunglasses kiosk sharing with you. It will give you more ideas for your kiosk decoration.

sunglasses kiosk

Description of sunglass kiosk

This sunglass kiosk size is 4m by 3m, fit for most location sizes at the mall. It has multiple layers of showcases so that people can select sunglasses on top. There are also small display shelving and showcases on the glass kiosk, which can display products to clients well.

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eyeglasses booth

We can also attach the brand logo and advertising posters on the cabinet to help people under you well. Each glass showcase has doors; you can lock the mall kiosk well at night. Inside, the sunglass kiosk has a working counter. You can put optical equipment here for work. And cashier counter also attaches here for checking bills.

eyeframe display

Materials of sunglasses kiosk

This glass kiosk mainly uses plywood to make the counter body; the surface treatment is wooden and white laminate. There are mirrors at the corner facing the public; people can try on sunglasses and choose a suitable one. Each glass layer has LED light lamp to make the sunglasses look better. Other materials include a 3D acrylic logo, stainless steel kicking, etc.

Assemble sunglasses booth at our workshop

optical display sunglasses stand

The sunglasses showcase is well done at our workshop, poeple can view the actual effect in advance. So, when you receive the sunglasses kiosk, you can assemble each cabinet as the drawing. We can also use flooring to highlight your shop and hide wires to keep your booth clean.