We recently made many cell phone kiosks for UK customers. They are customized sizes and fit for shopping mall booths. Today, I want to share a nice wooden cell phone kiosk here. It includes glass showcases, slat wall display cabinets, a reception counter, and drawers to store products. Let’s learn more together.

phone accessories kiosk

Description of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk is 3.5m long by 2m wide, which fits most space locations in the mall. We use wooden and white colors with orange decorations as primary colors. The materials are Plywood, slat wall, tempered glass, wooden lamination, slat wall display, hollow-out logo, and stainless steel kicking protection. All the materials are shown directly in the construction drawing.

smartphone kiosk

We can see the front counter has a reception counter with a brand panel at the front side. It has wooden decorations and looks very high-end. Near it are two individual slat wall displays. It can hang the phone cover and phone accessories on both sides. There are wooden display cabinets at the three corners with tempered glass in multiple layers. Attractive items can be placed here to attract people’s attention. An individual glass showcase on the side with a sliding door is suitable for placing mobile phones for sale. There is a tall brand logo standing at the entrance.

Mobile phone kiosk ideas

cellphone kiosk

Natural cell phone kiosk effect

We can see how the cell phone looks from the produced photos. Workers will first make the wood body, and we can see the kiosk layout. The second step of the cell phone kiosk is to do laminate finishes to get the effect of the mall kiosk design. Finally, assemble the cabinet door, drawers, brand logo, etc. Our workers will also clean the kiosk and package each counter for shipping.

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