Are you looking for a nice ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall? It’s good to sell sweet food, roll ice cream, fried yogurt, etc. Today, I want to share a nice wooden kiosk sharing with you. This impressive display shelf measures 4m by 2m and features a natural wooden surface that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Not only does it look good, but it also creates a high-end and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

ice cream kiosk

Description of the wooden kiosk

One standout feature of this display shelf is the round glass display at the front corner. It allows merchants to showcase their candy and ice cream selections beautifully. Enticing customers with their mouth-watering offerings. Additionally, there is ample space near the display for a cashier register. Making it convenient for merchants to process transactions efficiently.

To maximize the display capabilities of this shelf, careful thought has been put into the equipment and shelving set-up. The display shelves are strategically positioned to ensure that every item is showcased effectively. Catching the attention of potential customers. Furthermore, individual counters have been placed at the corners to avoid sharp edges that could potentially harm clients, prioritizing their safety. Find more options about frozen yogurt kiosk

ice cream kiosk with candy shelf

The inclusion of a large ceiling offers a prime space to attach your brand logo. Further enhancing the visibility and recognition of your brand. This allows customers to easily identify your business and creates a cohesive look for your ice cream kiosk.

In terms of materials, this display shelf uses plywood with a wooden finish, giving it a stylish and rustic appeal. The stainless steel kicking adds durability and a modern touch. The light box logo illuminates your brand, ensuring that it stands out even in dimly lit areas. Finally, the artificial stone countertop provides a sleek and clean surface for customers to place their ice cream cones and candies.

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