It’s a great idea to start a street kiosk booth to sell food, like burgers, bakery, drinks, and snacks. No matter how much is your location size, we can make it fit well. We have a professional design team, manufacturer team, and sales team to help with one-to-stop. Here is a nice outdoor food booth style sharing with you.

drinks kiosk

Custom food booth design

The food booth size is 4m by 2m, it has a roof, floor, and inside cabinet. We can see this kiosk color combines with wooden strip finishes and a black metal frame. It creates a high-end shop level and better prepares and sells food. Warm ceiling lights and kick lights surround the food booth, which makes your booth outstanding.

outdoor booth

We can see the front counter has a working bench with a cashier counter. The bottom has a storage cabinet with locks, it’s good to place condiments and ingredients. There are semicircle wooden strips decorate the counters, making the street booth look good. Besides, Neon letters, like fresh juice, drinks, burgers & more… attached to the ceiling to remind poeple to get them in the correct area. It’s a great idea to set up glass display showcases, which keep the food fresh and convenient for clients to purchase.

beverage kiosk

Brand signage, menus, and advertising posters are very important for outdoor kiosks. It enhances the brand theme and increases memory. If space permits, businessmen can also set up a photo taking place. Clients can cake photos and share to Instagram, which appeals to more clients in your shop. Setting dining table and chairs help increase business, consumers can rest for a whole or meet with friends there.

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