Do you plan to open a drone kiosk in the shopping center? Drones kiosks mainly use to display all kinds of drones. That helps to establish a good corporate image for your store. There are many unique styles of drone booths, and you can purchase suitable drone counters. Whether you need U shape booth, individual drones stall counters, or shop furniture. So we can provide mall drone kiosks that match your locations. Like most electronic kiosks, the drone kiosks use blue and white colors to show technology items. Besides, wooden and dark color surface decorations are also popular. Materials of drones include MDF, glossy baking paint finishes, acrylic logos, lighting lamps, stainless steel kicking, glass displays, PVC floors, etc. You can view popular drone stalls and designs below.

Customize drones kiosk design

drones kioskMall Kiosk provides customize drone counters for more than 20 years. We have a professional design, sales, and manufacturing team to work together to ensure quality. We have a modern production workshop, including a carpentry workshop, assembly workshop, painting room, installation workshop, and packaging workshop. Workers hand-made the counters with exquisite workshops and solid structure, which can serve for many years. The 3D design drawing is essential for customized toy kiosks, as it shows what the owner wants and what are the final looks like in advance. A 3m by 3m drone kiosk is 300usd before the start. And production time needs 3-5 work days to finish. You can make small changes based on the first drawing. Once confirm the final mall kiosk design, then we can produce the drone kiosk. We will also take photos and videos to show you the retail mall kiosk process. When the drone kiosk is complete, we will pack it well and ship it out soon. If you have any questions or need further information, send us an inquiry immediately. You can view more glass kiosk options to get more ideas.