People to open a dumpling kiosk in the shopping mall. Dumplings and steamed stuffed buns are traditional Chinese delicacies. With the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, more and more people like traditional Chinese food. The dumpling restaurant mainly sells various food, such as boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, buns, noodles, etc. Usually, merchants make dumplings first, then cook them when customer order. Before buying a dumpling cabinet or bao buns kiosk, we can plan the cash register, operating room, and dining area to leave a good impression on the guests. Merchants can even set up ingredient counters and seating areas where guests can sit and enjoy their meals. Choosing a unique dumpling kiosk at Mall-Kiosk Ltd. can help to enhance the store’s image.

Popular dumpling store decoration

  • mall fast food boothThe door of the dumpling restaurant adopts a large area of gray relief wall with a cement texture. The metal grille on the wall increases the metal texture and high-end sense and makes the store name more prominent.
  • There is also an open stall at the entrance, where customers can see the process of making dumplings. Increase the visual experience of guests and highlight the freshness of food.
  • The interior design of the restaurant is simple and transparent. Besides, we can set drink cabinets and glass showcases next to the cash register to present various foods to increase turnover. Modern kiosk elements are used on lighting, countertops, walls, and decorations to give people a warm feeling.
  • The seating area is combined with well-proportioned chandeliers to make the simple deck design creative and full of stories. It also completes the visual division of the dumpling store space.
  • Merchants can even add theme culture to make guests feel immersive and impressed with you. The most critical point is that the dumpling kiosk decoration style meets the local aesthetics and matches the brand concept.

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By dumpling kiosk from us

An attractive dumpling restaurant can quickly establish a brand image and store image. Customers can increase their impression and brand awareness of your store through dumpling booth design. Therefore, a concise and unique food counter can stimulate customers to order.

Making a 3D design is necessary because everyone wants to get unique ideas and decorate the dumping stall according to their thoughts. And 3Ddesign drawing shows the details of all the counters, which is helpful to see in advance the overall effect.

Mall-Kiosk chose thickened Plywood to make the snack kiosk counter, which is load-bearing, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and sturdy. The countertop is artificial stone, which improves the grade and uses the effect of the shop. 304# stainless steel is used as a workbench, which can well protect the counter and prolong the service life.

Workers are skilled in making display cabinets. They hand-make the assembly and installation of the counter, ensuring that every link is accurate. Mall-kiosk pays attention to every process and detail of production. Therefore people can receive ideal dumping counters.

Installation complete at the workshop, merchants can put the counter in the mall, connect the power supply, and start a business. We will also test the lighting, wires, and cabinet before package.