This is a hat cabinet, mainly used in the mall. In our life, the hat is not only a tool to prevent the sun, but also a single item to make yourself more fashionable. Therefore, we can see people wearing hats all around us. Next, I will introduce the design of the hat booth.

From the picture, it can be seen that the front and side of the hat booth are hat walls. The front hat is placed in the same size grid, the side hat is hung. Different ways of placing will increase the visual impact of the hat cabinet.


This is the other side of the hat booth, which used to hold t-shirts as well as hats. T-shirts can be displayed in a closed cabinet or placed in front of the cash register for customers to buy. This design can keep the cabinet clean and tidy and can save the time for finishing.

In addition, we can see that there are two working computers and equipment inside the hat cabinet. This is the workspace provided to you, which can provide the location of two workers.

At the same time, there is a pillar on the side of the pavilion, we will add an acrylic logo on the pillar, and you can put your slogan behind the pillar. It’s a place to advertise your business and get the attention of your customers.

How to Order

How to Place an Order

  1. Select products according to your needs and contact our sales
  2. We will recommend the product style you like according to your requirements
  3. Our design team will design a 3D model for you
  4. Modify the 3D model according to your ideas, including color, material, lightbox, poster, size, etc
  5. We will make a construction drawing, including a floor plan, circuit diagram, detail diagram, and so on
  6. Confirm the production, you need to pay half of the product amount, and then we will arrange the production
  7. Upon completion of production, you need to pay the remaining balance
  8. To be packed in wooden cases
  9. Arrange the mode of transportation according to your requirements. We can choose sea freight, air freight, and land freight