Everyone likes donuts because it has a sweet taste and can drive away hunger. It’s a very profitable option to open a donuts kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a nice donuts kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more information together.

sweet food kiosk

Introduction of donuts kiosk

This donut kiosk suits a location of 4m by 3m area. It includes a service counter, working table, storage cabinet, and seating area. The primary color is wooden and dark with yellow decoration, it looks very attractive and useful. Materials include plywood, wooden laminate finishes, acrylic logo, green grass decoration, stainless steel, light lamp, etc. We can use the materials you want to build the kiosk.

fast food kiosk

Layout information of waffle kiosk

We can use it to sell waffles, pancakes, churros, and espresso. We can see there is a waffle machine in the service area, that allows people to view how the waffles are being made. The counter body has green grass decorations. Merchants can set up cashier registers at the front counter. And glass showcases are set here to show more food for sale. We can also add a brand logo stand to separate the working area and service space.

dessert kiosk

Another half space views as a working area, we can set necessary machines to prepare donuts and drinks. The water sink is also set here for better usage. It’s a great idea to add wall shelving above the counter. So staff can place necessary items to each reach. There is a tall wall between the working counter and the seating area. Clients can sit down outside to enjoy their food it makes full use of the limited space and can appeal to more consumers.

View more options for espresso kiosks

If you have different design ideas, please kindly send us an inquiry. Our design team can add them to your pancake kiosk design. We are looking forward to cooperating with you soon.