Donuts kiosks are good places to sell donuts and sweet food. The donuts kiosk includes a glass display showcase, reception counter, working table, and storage cabinets. It’s good to sell products and can show the brand logo in a good way. Here is a high-end donuts kiosk in the shopping mall.

donuts kiosk

Custom kiosk design

This donuts kiosk is according to the shop size and meets the owner’s requirements. It occupies a location of 10ft by 10ft, and the color is dark brown and yellow. It highly indicates the product and makes your shop stand out. We use MDF with a baking paint surface to build the food kiosk counter. Other materials include a black artificial stone countertop, stainless steel kicking, metal tube support with the ceiling, acrylic logo, lighting decoration, etc. If you have material requirements, we can also use that material to help you.

donuts kiosk

Donuts kiosk layout

We can see two big cake showcase at the front counter, and poeple can view and pick up ready donuts directly. Because the reception counter is in the middle, it’s convenient for clients to order. A tall lightbox panting stand at the side counter guides people to buy their favorite donut styles. The back side of the counters has a machine on the top. So consumers can buy more food and drink here better to increase sales. Under the counter has a locked cabinet to restore more items for sale.

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donuts kiosk

Roof and advertising

The roof of the donuts kiosk uses to hang brand logos and posters, and we can also add lights and a camera under the ceiling. Advertising attaches on the counter table facing the public so that people can remember your shop theme well. It’s also a symbol of your donuts shop. If you need any further information, please send us an inquiry. We are here and ready to help.