Are you looking for a nice pharmacy kiosk to earn money? With the fast development of lifestyle, poeple focus more on their health and looking for a strong body. It’s a good idea to open a pharmacy kiosk in the shopping center. Clients can buy emergency medicines and family medicines. Here is a nice pharmacy kiosk sharing with you. We hope it will give you ideas for an indoor kiosk booth.

pharmacy kiosk

Description of pharmacy kiosk

This pharmacy kiosk has a unique design, looks attractive, and can display more items for sale. The front counter has display shelving, which is good for clients to reach the products. We use it as a check counter with brand signage here. Curves display cabinets at the side corner to avoid hurt. We can customize the pharmacy kiosk to suit the booth location and brand theme.

pharmacy kiosk

Both sides have glass display cabinets with LED lights. Merchants display prescription drugs here so that patients can get the right medicine with the help of doctors. At the bottom is a light box painting as guidance to remind people of your business and brand theme. It is an entrance door and a towering plate with a red hollow “+” on the back. Vividly expressing your store to the public.

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pharmacy kiosk

Material details show

We mainly use MDF to make the 10ft by 10ft glass kiosk. Surface treatment is glossy baking paint to get a smoothie and high-end effects. Besides, we can use 8mm tempered glass with a white light lamp to make the display cabinet. Other materials include mirror stainless steel kicking, light box painting, posters, hardware, acrylic logo, etc. No matter when you plan to open a pharmacy kiosk, you can get suitable design solutions.