The sunglass kiosk is good for selling all kinds of optical and sunglasses. There are many unique sunglass kiosk styles in the market, every business person can purchase a suitable sunglasses booth to start. Merchants can even customize the sunglass kiosk to gain more business. Before starting a business, don’t forget to choose a wonderful sunglasses kiosk for business. Whenever you plan to open a sunglasses kiosk, this mall kiosk style may help you well.

sunglass kiosk

Customize sunglass kiosk design

This sunglasses kiosk suits for a location of 10ft by 10ft. It consists of single sunglass display cabinets, so people can enter the shop from all directions. Each glass display has a display area on both sides, we can use hooks and shelving to show sunglasses. Besides, there are open display cabinets and lock drawers at the bottom to place more items for sale. It combines with red and white color, looks very high end and attracts eyes attention.

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The reception counter is set at the front corner to serve clients and check bills. Near it is a low counter with sunglass cases, consumers can today items away easily. It is also convenient for the salesperson to introduce hot-selling items to increase sales performance. Don’t forget to attach a light box painting and brand logo on the sunglass kiosk. It will leave a deep impression on people and can also make your optical shop stand out. We can also add a mirror on the side of the cabinet for people to view the sunglass wear effect.

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Sunglasses kiosk effect in the mall

We can view the real sunglass kiosk effect when set in the shopping center. The production work is following the confirmed glass kiosk design. So you can get an ideal sunglass booth in the end. Installation work is very easy, 1-2 people can cooperate to put all counters together and connect wires. If you don’t know how to connect the main electrical box to the store’s power supply, you can ask an electrician to help you.

sunglass kiosk design