Sweet food kiosk is popular among people because they can buy lovely food easily and have a good spirit. Today, I want to share a nice dessert kiosk with you. Merchants can uniquely decorate beautiful booths. I am sure an excellent sweet stall can high-level the shop theme good for business.

sweet kiosk

Sweet kiosk introduction

The sweet kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, including a glass showcase, display counter, brand logo area, storage cabinets, and water sink. The color is white with pink decoration, looks lovely and vivid. It’s good to prepare food and snacks. 8mm tempered glass on the countertop makes people notice your business and keep their distance from the working area.

sweet kiosk

The front has a large stainless steel topping counter machine to show all kinds of flavors. Near it is the cashier counter for checking. The corner has a tall column stand with molding decoration. While the right-hand side has a working counter with a compartment sink. The back counter is for working, and underneath is the refrigerator for usage.

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sweet kiosk

Produce photos show

Produce photos show the natural sweet kiosk effect and candy kiosk directly. During production, we will also update progress. The owner can view each step. Workers will test it to ensure everything works right, then pack and deliver it.

sweet kiosk sweet kiosk

Material information

The primary material is MDF with a baking paint surface. You can choose high glossy or matte finishing effects. Artificial countertop meets the demands, as it is fireproof, waterproof, and safe to use. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, luminous acrylic logo, 8mm tempered glass, hardware, etc. We can also add LED light to increase the brightness. If you are going to open a food kiosk, don’t forget to purchase a food booth from Mall-Kiosk.