Engraving kiosks and crystal booths have multiple glass display showcases. People can show all kinds of crystals, jewelry, crafts, and retailers. Merchants want a beautiful engraving kisok to start a business. The public can remember your brand and shop atmosphere. Here is an attractive crystal booth to share with you.

jewelry kiosk

Description of engraving kiosk

This engraving booth size is 10ft by 12ft, suitable for most mall spaces. It has a curved counter in the center with a cashier register. As shown in the design photo, there are different levels of counters with multiple display shelving. So the owner can place all kinds of crystals and jewelry properly. The kiosk bottom for displaying products and mannequin necklace display stands.

jewelry display showcase

Brand logo wall

We can attach the brand logo to the jewelry kiosk. It has lighting at the back to highlight the shop theme. All the cabinet has locked doors so you can close them well at night. Each glass cabinet has a light lamp to make the jewelry showcase outstanding.

jewelry cabinet

Material information

We will use suitable materials to build the watch kiosks. Most crystal kiosks assemble in the shopping mall, and we should consider choosing the mall’s required materials. Therefore, the owner can tell us the material requirements first. Then we can show the final effect in the 3D design.

This primary material is MDF with a baking paint surface, so it will have a high-end effect and looks very brilliant. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, light lamps, stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, and hardware. Our structure designer will make a construction drawing to show all the material details. We will also take photos to show you the effects in advance. If you have any needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.