With the fast development of the economy, cell phone case kiosks are everywhere in the shopping mall. Opening a phone case booth to start a business is a great idea. Whenever you plan to create a cell phone case in a popular design. Today, I want to share a nice phone cover kiosk with you. It’s a very classic style for US customers, let’s view more details information.

phone case display

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk suits an area of 10ft by 12ft and includes display counters on 4 sides. We can see there is multiple functional display showcase to show mobile phones and phone accessories. The top counter has glass showcases, and the bottom has stairs displayed on both sides. We can add glass doors to close it well. And the bottom of the counter has drawers with locks as storage. Advertising posters attach to the side counter so that people can notice you when passing by.

phonce display cabinet

We can also make display shelving and slat wall displays on the counter table. There is a tall display stand with the brand logo and posters so that people can notice you when passing by. We can also reserve a space for a cashier register, that is to serve clients and check bills. If you provide phone repair services, we can also add a repair table in a suitable area.

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Produce photos show

phone display counter phone case kiosk


We mainly use MDF to build the whole phone kiosk. It has a smooth surface and brilliant effect, looks beautiful. Other materials include stainless steel kick to protect the whole kiosk and use longer. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight the items. Acrylic logos and light box painting are important for every retail kiosk. If you have any new ideas, please contact us. We can achieve it.