The wooden and white bubble tea kiosk looks high-end and can increase the brand theme. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk with you. It’s good to sell bubble tea, smoothie, milkshake, fresh juice, etc. It’s a popular style that we have made more than ten sets for clients. Let’s view more details together.

boba tea kiosk

Description of bubble tea kiosk

This bubble tea kiosk is suitable for a 10ft by 15ft food booth. The primary color of the tea kiosk is white with a solid wood surface and wood tile. Besides, the bubble tea booth has a display showcase counter, a working table, an advertising wall, and storage cabinets. We can also place machines in suitable locations. Materials include plywood, lamination, wooden strip, light box painting, acrylic logo, etc.

wooden bubble tea kiosk

Layout information

There is a long display juice counter on the front side, and it has a cashier register in the middle. People order bubble tea here, and you can put up posters showing different bubble tea to attract more consumers. The end has a tower stand with the brand logo and menu, which helps people choose their flavors. Besides, the entrance has an individual counter with a clear glass panel on the countertop. The round logo attaches here reminds poeple of your business.

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bubble tea kiosk

The back counter is for three compartment sink and equipment. It is a taller wall to protect machines and keep the working counter away from clients. A water sink also adds to the counter for better usage. The refrigerator is essential for the bubble tea kiosk so people can put it under the side counter. We can see the drinks kiosk effect from both design and production photos.

bubble tea kiosk

Feedback photos show

The owner likes our bubble tea kiosk very much because it looks good when installed at the shopping mall. If you need shopping center kiosks, get them here at Mall Kiosk.

bubble tea kiosk