The cell phone case kiosk is to show all kinds of phone cases and phone accessories. People like unique phone cases to decorate and protect their smartphones. It also reflects their characteristics. It’s a great idea to open a cell phone kiosk in the shopping center. Today, I want to introduce a red phone case kiosk delivered to Denver, USA.

phone repair kiosk

Introduction of phone case kiosk

This mobile phone case kiosk has multiple functions, and merchants can use it as a mobile phone kiosk and phone repair kiosk. It has glass showcases and a phone repair counter. The size is 11ft by 16ft, and we can customize it to fit your area. The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint. Other materials include tempered glass, aluminum groove panels, stainless steel, acrylic logo, etc. It’s necessary to put up posters for advertising.

phone case design

Phone kiosk layout

The front side has a long working counter with drawers and a cabinet. Merchants can put a cashier register here for checking bills. They can also provide phone repair services. While the front counter has a slat wall with glass sliding doors, people can purchase accessories here. Near it is a storage cabinet with multiple drawers at the bottom. However, we can add a glass case on the top to increase the display area. The display counters have different levels that are convenient to use and make your phone booth appealing. All the cabinets have a phone display area on the counter body. Besides, the corner has a square display counter with posters to attract poeple.

phone repair kiosk

Produce photo show

The product photo shows the final effect of the mall glass kiosk in reality. It also guides the owner to the assembly of the kisok on-site. If you have any questions about production and assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will show you the details and provide installation instructions.

phone case kiosk

Feedback from the owner

We produce the whole kiosk with individual counters, and 1-2 people can install them well. We can view how it is in the shopping mall.

phone case display