Jewelry kiosks are popular among poeple, and most poeple start their business with jewelry kiosks and earn more money before starting. It’s a profitable option to open a jewelry kiosk to make money. Here is a suitable jewelry kiosk to share with you. It’s customized for a US customer.

jewelry kiosk

Introduction of the jewelry kiosk

The jewelry kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft. It has glass display shelving to show jewelry, watches, and boutiques. Each cabinet has a black frame with 8mm tempered glasses, and we can add LED light lamp on each shelving to remind people of your business. The primary material is MDF with baking paint finishes, and other materials include stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, etc.

jewelry showcase

There is a long work counter on one side with a drawer and cabinet. We can add glass on the countertop, protecting clients and service persons. The reception counter is set near the entrance, and the brand logo is on the counter to remind people of your business. While the middle has a single storage cabinet with a locked cabinet, that’s good for more items for sale.

Check jewelry shop displays

jewelry cabinet

There are big hexagonal glass displays at three corners, which uses as window displays, mainly showing products that attract the eyes’ attention. However, we can add drawers to the bottom to place more jewelry cases and items. If you have new ideas, we can add them to your kiosk design and make them fit your business.

Jewelry kiosk production

We can see the actual effect from the produced photos. Due each counter height and measurement is according to the final design. Contact us for further information about new jewelry booths and watch kiosks.

jewelry showcase jewelry kiosk