Perfume kiosk

Firstly, people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, and they have a certain aesthetic appreciation for their own quality of life. They all want to have a unique and exclusive taste in themselves. So we go to perfume shops and interview to find out which scent is the best for us, which is different from online shopping. We need to actually feel the fragrance to know which fragrance is the best for our taste. So it’s very important to have a perfume kiosk, especially in a mall or shopping mall, where you’ll find that the perfume has a unique scent that will attract customers to your kiosk who want to know about that familiar scent. Let me show you this exclusive perfume kiosk.

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosk layout

Then the perfume kiosk is a 12x8ft display kiosk that resembles a square display counter. Above is a transparent glass material, and below is the golden stainless steel edge, making our showcase more solid. The perfume kiosk is surrounded by display counters where perfumes can be displayed, which is a very good design idea, because every piece of land in the mall is very valuable, so we need to make full use of it. In the corner is a display case on which we can display our perfumes. In the middle of the facade is a two-meter-high poster design. The reason for this design is to bring traffic and marketing effects to our jewelry and perfume kiosks.

perfume kiosk LED lighting

In addition, for the LED light display, we usually design light strips inside the display case, so that it can be a good display of jewelry or perfume watches. A transparent material display case can better show the nature of perfume and jewelry style, which is why a transparent glass material display case is designed. We can fully display our things, and each display stand is customizable. But that requires designing a kiosk to fit your size.

perfume kiosk

How to place an order

The last, we are a customized factory, we can make a new design for you. If you have your own logo, please send it to our customer service, so that we can make your own perfume kiosk design for you. The design usually requires a small design fee of $300, which will returned to you when you complete the order. If you have any more ideas about the design you can contact our customer service directly.

perfume kiosk