Many poeple plan to open a T-shirt kiosk because people tend to have unique graphics on their T-shirts. Therefore, if you open a printing T-shirt kiosk in the mall, I am sure you will gain a lot of clients. Here is a nice T-shirt kiosk sharing with you. It’s in black and white, looks very high-end, and showcases items well.

T-shirt kiosk

T-shirt kiosk in Mobile, USA

This T-shirt kiosk is designed for US customers and ships to Mobile ports. It includes wires and display counters with grid panel display and glass shelving. If you use it as a clothing kiosk, it’s good to add display racks and shelving. We can also attach the brand logo and posters to attract poeple; brand signage and unique T-shirt stall design make your shop stand out. We use MDF with baking paint as a primary material. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, hollow-out luminous logo, light box painting, stainless steel, LED light, etc.

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T-shirt kiosk

Layout information

We can see in the 3D design; that this T-shirt kiosk has two layers of display counters on the front and left side. T-shirts can be placed on the countertop, and the wall is used to attach pictures for clients to select. At the same time, the back side has working counters with computers and printers. No matter what unique graph poeple choose, it can print soon. The corner has a panel to show brand logos on both sides. Behind the board is a glass display cabinet and entrance. Inside, are storage cabinets. Merchants can also use it as an embroidery kiosk to place more items for sale.

T-shirt kiosk

Real effects of T-shirt kiosk

The T-shirt stall is completed in our workshop, and you can view the T-shirt booth effect directly. We can also add light lamps to the display cabinets to showcase the items well. It’s a good idea to show clothing, shoes, and hats to gain more clients.

T-shirt kiosk T-shirt kiosk