Are you looking for a nice coffee cart and nuts stand for business? The wooden cabinet plays a big role in pop-up shops, shopping malls, and streets. Today, I want to share a nice food cart with you. It’s good for starters to earn money. This compact and stylish cart is to cater to various products such as coffee, nuts, snacks, hot dogs, and fast food.

Coffee stand


Introduction of nuts cart

Measuring 150cm in length, 60cm in width, and 220cm in height, this cart offers ample space for displaying and selling your merchandise. The display counter is perfect for showcasing your products, while the storage cabinet behind provides convenient storage for extra stock. Additionally, there are panels on both sides of the cart to place additional items, maximizing your selling space. Find more options for the coffee stand

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Coffee carts coffee stand

One of the standout features of this coffee cart is its mobility. With wheels attached to the bottom, it can easily be moved to different locations, making it perfect for pop-up shops and promotional events. Whether you want to set up shop at a nuts shop, coffee shop, shopping center, or any other location, this cart is designed to meet your needs.

Made from high-quality materials including plywood, laminate, and metal column support, this cart is durable and built to last. The ceiling of the cart features brand signage, allowing you to customize and promote your business effectively. With its brown wooden finish, this cart exudes a warm and inviting aesthetic that will attract customers and enhance your brand image.

Real produce effect

coffee cart coffee booth

The mobile food carts with lights on the top increase brilliantly. Our workers produce the food cart step by step to ensure the quality. So the owner can get an ideal food stall. If you have new ideas about food cart decoration, don’t forget to contact us. We have a professional design team, that can customize food carts and show them in design drawings.