With the fast developments in technology, cell phones play a big role in our daily life. Many poeple trends to use the newly invented cell phones and experience updated functions. Today, I’d love to introduce a nice cell phone kiosk to you. Hope this phone kiosk will give you more good ideas.

mobile phone kiosk

Description of the cell phone kiosk

Cell phone kiosk decoration enhances the brand theme and company culture. It’s a nice idea to purchase a nice color, and a good kiosk layout for your phone kiosk.

  1. Size: 5m×3m, you can also rent a suitable space according to your budget.
  2. Color: White and blue. That indicates the high-technical and can attract people the first time.
  3. Advantages: Display cell phones, and phone accessories; advertise and sell products to earn a profit; creates a brand image.
  4. Material: MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, LED light lamp, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc.

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cell phone kiosk

Cell phone booth Layout

This cell phone kiosk has multiple glass counters surrounding the lease line. We can see there are glass kiosk counters with multiple glass layers to place cell phones. Clients can also view phones directly. The corner counter has glass doors open outside, which is used as a sales window display. The brand logo wall and cashier counter are set close to each other. You can also add a slat wall to hang the phone cover and accessories.

phone booth

It has a movable storage cabinet with wheels to replace the entrance door. That can increase both storage and service counter area. And it is easy to get into the phone case kiosk, however, others won’t enter phone shops without permission.

cell phone kiosk

Real produce photos show

Before production, you can choose a color for the cell phone kiosk. Produce will follow the confirmed technical drawing and 3D design. That’s to make sure you can receive the same kiosk as you want. If you plan to open a cell phone kiosk, contact us and get your mall kiosk soon.

cell phone kiosk cell phone kiosk