The reception kiosk and welcome desk are essential for business. It leaves an excellent first impression on people and helps the first time. Whether you open a clothing store, candy shop, beauty salon shop, restaurant, or pharmacy store, finding an excellent reception desk is a good idea. Today, I want to share a nice reception kiosk with you.

reception desk

Introduction of reception kiosk

This reception desk uses in the dental clinic shop. Size is 16ft long with a return at the right hand. It allows at least two people to work together. One person facing to the entrance door, and another person works at the side. The front counter has a giant marble stone with light surrounding it and a brand logo to remind people of your business.

reception kiosk

The back side has space for legs and store items. It has shelving, storage drawers, and local cabinets for better usage. Besides, you can place printers, computer hosts, POS systems, and files in a suitable area.

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reception counter

Material effect

Materials include Plywood, wooden lamination, black lamination, marble stone decoration, and the acrylic logo with backlit and stainless steel logo. You can also change the color to fit your business theme. You can view the reception desk effect below.

Produce photo show

reception kiosk

Regarding the desk size, this reception counter is divided into two parts, each 8ft long. They will pack individually for long-distance sea shipping. When receiving the desk, the owner can put them together and connect wires between the counters. It’s straightforward to complete. We will make most desks a whole so people can use them directly.