A jewelry display showcase is very important for jewelry shops. It makes the jewelry products outstanding and can also high-level the jewelry shop theme. We recently made a nice jewelry showcase style and shipped it to the USA. Let’s view more details information together.

jewelry showcase

Custom jewelry showcase

The jewelry showcase size is 170cm long, 50cm wide, and 1 cm tall. We can see in the design, there is a curved edge on both sides. It not only increases a design sense but also shows the jewelry in a good way. It has 2 pull-out drawers with a glass cabinet, so it’s convenient to pick up the items. Each cabinet has a lock and keys, so poeple can’t reach the items without permission.

jewelry showcase

The golden metal frame on the top with a light lamp to highlight the products. Tapered table legs at the 4 edges of the glass showcase. It not only supports the jewelry showcase on sight level. It also makes the overall jewelry stand look good. We can also design it highly match the other shop furniture to get a fantastic jewelry store theme.

jewelry display

Produce photos show

The primary color is white with golden stainless steel. We can see the very pure and can reflect the jewelry products well. The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint, LED light lamp, stainless steel, and hardware. View jewelry kiosk design

jewelry stall jewelry stand

Whenever you need a jewelry showcase, you will get good solutions. Contact us to view more jewelry showcases.